HPI Savage Screw kit (all models) - High tensile


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This screw kit will fit all savage modes (Savage X, X-SS,25,SS, etc)

These Screws kits contain over 360 compents all with in a easy to access safe convient storage container. each compartment is labled to show quanity,size and type and we have even added in the part numbers to each screw to speed up finding that all inportant replacement screw out at the field.
All screws in this kit are allen key type screws (socket cap screws) with a black finishall and metric threaded to give the best posible fixing of compoents.
Washers and & nuts are zinc plated for that all inportant rush free protection to keep your RC model looking in a healfy condition from a good days bashing.

These kits contain enough compoents to build 1½ trucks so you can be sure to allways have plenty of spare screws to hand.

Items included:-
M3x8 C/S
M3x16 C/S
M3x12 C/S
M3x18 C/S
M4x16 C/S
M4x30 C/S
M4, M3 & M5 Washers
M3 & M2.5 Nylocks
M5x5 & M4x4 Grub Screws
M4 & M5 Screw Shafts
2.5x12 Wheel & Diff Dowels
18 Compartment storage container.
All Cap screws are grade 12.9 = 176,900 psi!!!
Counter sunks are Grade 10.9 = 150,800 psi!!

Required Parts: 

Allenkeys to fix screws in place.

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